Fiesta Mexicana makes its way back to Topeka

TOEPKA, Kan. (KSNT) — Fiesta Mexicana is one of downtown Topeka’s biggest parades with fiesta goers parading from 4th street to 10th street. Fiesta Mexicana started back in 1933 with the parade only being a block long. Now that the parade has expanded downtown, it’s drawn a bigger crowd which excites one girl in particular.

“They get see from our point of view what we actually are all about in our culture and what it’s really like,” Gabi Millard, festival goer, said.

People who’ve made it a tradition to come to the parade say this year had more participation from Topekans – making a good time for everyone.

“The music is just outstanding,” Karla Harding. “And I like the cars and the decal that they have on the cars and all the flowers and all the colors.”

To see how much Fiesta Mexicana has expanded means a lot to one woman who was a part of the parade in the past.

“I was a 1989 Fiesta Queen, so I know that it takes a lot of work and a lot of dedication,” Sophia Hermanson, festival goer, said. “So, it’s nice to have the community get together and come out and see everybody.”

Fiesta Mexicana is more than a parade. It’s the start of a week long celebration centered around culture.  The fiesta starts Tuesday with different events each day, which is why Gabi Millard comes to the fiesta every year.

“The dancing and the family culture,”  Millard said. “Because it’s a lot of families. So come and see what we’re all kind of about because this is how we celebrate and how we show what we really do.”

Millard says she and her family go to most of the events and she likes to see how diverse the celebration has become.

Click here for the fiesta’s full rundown.


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