Community shows support for Emporia Police Department

Courtesy: Shonda Glover

EMPORIA, Kan. (KSNT) — In light of the violence against police, there are still people showing support, especially here in Kansas. The community of Emporia is rallying around their police department after the tragedies in Dallas and Baton Rouge. Those tragedies have left officers from the Emporia Police Department stunned.

“It brings a lot of personal impact on my life and it makes me question is it worth it sometimes,” Ray Mattas, a Patrol Sergeant for the Emporia Police Department said.

Even with all this negativity, there is a positive sign. The positive sign is the amount of cards being sent in to the police department. All of the cards show support for the police officers and thank them for their everyday duties. However, the cards were not the only sign of support they received.

Courtesy: Shonda Glover
Courtesy: Shonda Glover

“It just hit me one day, that Emporia needs a little bit of positivity, so we made the signs,” Kaitlyn Isch said.

Kaitlyn Isch and her friend, Halley Scott, both students at Emporia State University, told KSNT News they made signs to inspire people. Isch and Scott said they placed one of the signs right outside of their house, and it received the attention of the Emporia Police Department. The sign said, “Love the police.” According to Lisa Sage, the Administrative Sergeant at the Emporia Police Department, a patrol officer named Marcial Hernandez saw the sign and told other officers. Sgt. Sage said they smiled and posed for pictures with the sign. The sign did surprise some officers.

“It’s not something I expected after everything that is going on nationwide with law enforcement,” Sgt. Mattas said when he heard about the outpouring of support from the community.

The Emporia Police Department is grateful for the amount of community support they have received.

“I think it means even more to our officers than they realize,” Sgt. Sage said about the support from the community.

Sgt. Sage told KSNT News it changes an officer’s mentality when they receive random acts of kindness.

“We feel like we are making a difference,” Sgt. Sage said in response to how the kind deeds impact officers.

The positive reaction from police and the community is something Isch and Scott were not expecting.

“We were just hoping to catch some eyes going to work. [We wanted to] make their Monday a little brighter. I guess I didn’t think it would blow up,” Scott said.

The sign for the police department was a sign of support from a community that wanted to say thank you.

“Just to spread the love, just a little bit of positivity makes the world a better place.” Scott said.

The Emporia Police Department was not the only station receiving support from community members. The Shawnee County Sheriff’s Department also received letters of support from citizens as well. The letters showed thanks to the officers for what they do.

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