Fire breaks out at Fairlawn Green Apartments


TOEPKA, Kan. (KSNT) — A fire broke out at Fairlawn Green Apartments near Topeka West High School a little after 5:30AM.

“I woke up to my son’s night light flickering off and on. I thought he was messing with it,” Shane Williams, resident at Fairlawn Green Apartments said.

Residents at the apartment complex woke up to a fire that started in the storage¬†room of the building. Resident, Shane Williams, says he woke up and smelled smoke in his home, but wasn’t too surprised because of the age if the building for why he never heard a smoke alarm going off.

“These buildings were built in ’61 so they’re not exactly up to code.”

Inside the building you can see how the fire spread to all three levels including to the other side of the building. The Topeka Fire Marshal, Michael Martin, says fire spreads very quickly once it reaches an interior wall. This is why the fire spread to the roof in a matter of minutes.

“We immediately started evacuating people,” Fire Marshal, Michael Martin, said. “We immediately started doing a search, primary search…secondary search of the building. Got hold of some of the residents, found out how many people were in there and went from here.”

Investigative crews have also been on the scene using drones to get a bird’s eye view of the building and see how the fire spread across the roof. American Red Cross also came to help the families affected by the fire and finding them a place to stay.

“We made it out alive,” Williams said. “That’s all I’m concerned about. My son, my wife… We’re all healthy and safe and that’s all that matters.”

Martin says there were no major injuries in the fire and everyone made it out alive.



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