RNC’s opening day promises to ‘Make America Safe Again’

RNC staffers prep for the 2016 convention kickoff. (Photo: Chance Seales)

CLEVELAND, OHIO (MEDIA GENERAL) — The Republican National Convention officially kicks off Monday afternoon as delegates gather to ratify this year’s rules and dispense with parliamentary formalities.

Those rules, once passed, will lay out protocol and permanently kill the “Stop Trump” movement, clearing Donald Trump’s path to the 2016 GOP nomination.

Once morning business wraps up, delegates will converge on the Quicken Loans arena again in the evening to hear from Melania Trump.

RNC staff preps Cleveland stage at Quicken Loans arena before the GOP convention begins. (Photo: Chance Seales)
RNC staff preps the stage at Quicken Loans Arena before the GOP convention begins. (Photo: Chance Seales)

The soon-to-be nominee’s model wife rarely makes public appearances, much less delivering a nationally televised keynote address.

Monday night’s theme is “Make America Safe Again,” focusing on two red meat Republican issues: Benghazi and border security.

Delegates will also hear from border patrol agents and a mother who lost a child killed by an illegal immigrant.

The evening will also feature a previously unannounced guest: Donald J. Trump.

While nominees traditionally stay away from conventions until their official nominations take place, Trump said he’ll not only show up to hear his wife speak on Monday evening but may even make a few remarks of his own.

In an unorthodox year, the RNC is already off to an unconventional start.

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