Topeka inmate escapes from community work crew

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – The Shawnee County Department of Corrections says at approximately 10:00 Monday morning, an inmate participating in a community work crew project near downtown Topeka ran from the work crew area and supervisor.

Deputy Director Timothy Phelps tells KSNT News local law enforcement has been notified to expedite the return of the inmate into custody.

Phelps says inmate Ethan James Brouwer was booked into the facility on June 15, 2016 on violation of a protection order, interference with law enforcement officer, and misdemeanor probation violation.  On June 30, 2016, he was sentenced to jail time on these charges.

Brouwer was screened for eligibility to be placed onto a community work crew as an inmate trusty worker.  After approval, he began his work on the crew this morning.  While working on a property near 8th and Clay streets, performing clean-up duties for nuisance abatement, he put his lawn equipment down and began running from the area.

Law Enforcement were notified of his leaving the area, and the remaining members of the work crew were secured.  The agency says they have no fact information to conclude that inmate Brouwer is an active threat to any member of the public, and will continue to cooperate with local law enforcement to effectuate his return to custody.



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