Escaped inmate from Dickinson County back in custody

ABILENE, Kan. (KSNW) – The Kansas Highway Patrol confirms that escaped inmate, 27-year-old Trent Aaron Hostetter, is back in custody. Hostetter escaped through an outside exercise yard Monday evening.

After initially breaking out of the jail in Abilene, police say he stole a truck in Abilene. He travel to Lincolnville and crashed that truck into a home.

KSN News talked to the homeowner in Lincolnville. He was watching television when the truck hit his garage causing several thousand dollars in damage.

“I knew exactly what happened. When our house shook and rumbled, I knew a vehicle crashed into the house, I knew immediately. I ran out of the front door just in time to see the guy running around the corner,” said Greg Hubbard, Lincolnville resident.

From there, Hostetter ran. Law enforcement caught his track, but soon, they lost him again. He ended up stealing a tractor from Marion County and traveled into Dickinson County.

A tip was called in from the town of Hope. Law enforcement were finally able to surround Hostetter and arrest him around 10:30 a.m.

Hostetter will face additional charges. He was being held on multiple parole and probation violations and was awaiting sentencing on a charge of impersonating an officer.

On Tuesday evening, Dickinson County Sheriff Gareth Hoffman reported that an accomplice was arrested for assisting Hostetter, stating “authorities with the Dickinson County Sheriffs Office believe that there is sufficient evidence to show that Hostetter did not act alone in his escape and had help from someone on the outside, not incarcerated at the time.”

Sheriff Hoffman said Warren J. Varelman-Morton of Chapman was arrested and “is currently in the Dickinson County Jail where he will be charged with Criminal Damage To Property and Conspiracy To Commit Aggravated Escape From Custody.”

Jail Booking information click here.

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