Family remembers lost loved one

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – A 24-year-old man was killed in a car crash on Highway 75 Monday morning. Now, the family of William Fondren is sharing the memories what he was like.

“He was a good father, he was a good brother, I don’t know, he was just a good son,” Calvin Fondren, the uncle of William Fondren said.

Family members used those titles to describe William Jay Fisher Fondren. He was killed on highway 75 here on Monday morning

“It hurts a lot, it’s still to the point where I’m not believing it done happen,” Fondren said.

William FondrenWilliam Fondren’s family in shock and a young man’s dreams are now gone forever.

“He wanted to settle down and get married and have more kids,” Fondren said.

His joking nature and his work ethic are just some of the few things his family will miss.

“He’ll just do stuff on ya, you walk past, he’ll lift his feet up to make you trip or something like that. He’d be like come on man with all that,” Fondren said.

The 24 year old leaves behind his son and his family tell me that he meant the world to William.

“His son was all he had, well not all he had, but all he thought about,” Fondren said.

Neighborhood kids even looked up him because he put up a basketball hoop. However, the hoop he put up just wasn’t meant for fun. For him, that basketball goal could be life changing.

“It was his way of seeing the kids staying out of trouble. If they are out there in front of the yard playing basketball, then they aren’t in the street doing anything negative,” Fondren said.

Fondren’s death leaves a hole in the family’s heart.

“It’s gonna hurt… I’m gonna miss him,” Fondren said.

Their memories of William will be something the family will hold close for a long time.

“His memories will never be gone,” Fondren said.

The family of William Fondren told KSNT News they are in the process of making funeral arrangements.


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