We’ve Got Your Back: Water bill skyrockets after new water meter installed

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – A Topeka man reached out to KSNT saying that his water bill skyrocketed after the city installed a new water meter at his home. Harold Grimmett considers himself a modest water user. For the past year his water bill has been in the $20 to $30 range for the last year.

“I conserve water. I live by myself. I have three dogs and that’s just about it,” he says.

But he saw a huge spike in his July bill after the city came by his house to install a new water meter in June. His bill took off from $26.67 to $89.96 in just one month.

“They say they added three months on because the meter wasn’t working.”

Harold says he was just curious and reached out to us for some answers after he contacted the city.

We contacted the city ourselves and received this statement:

The City of Topeka has been working diligently since notified by the customer of his concerns. Per procedure we have gathered data logs and consumption history in order to further our investigation. In following City policy, a courtesy adjustment has been given for an unexplained jump in consumption.

KSNT also received a call from Grimmett shortly before our story aired. He said he was credited around $50 from the city- his bill was reduced to $31.40.

If you want KSNT to look into something, click on our “Report It” feature here or on our main page.

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