Summer road work has purpose

TOPEKA (KSNT) – The cones dividing Wanamaker in to several one lane roads may be frustrating but it is not happening on a whim.

Jason Peek, the director of public works, tells KSNT News there is one big thing the department looks at when deciding when a road needs to be worked on.

Does the road need to be torn up so the city can use the Mill and Overlay process or do the cracks need to be sealed to extend the life of the road.

“With 1,500 lane miles that we have, he have to recommend what’s the most cost effective treatment at the right time,” Peek said.

And although some of the issues with Topeka streets can be easily seen while driving around, Peek said the city is employing technology to make sure projects are done right the first time.

“We need to be able to look at street A and compare that with street B with the same ruler,” according to Peek. That ruler is a truck designed to look deeper at road issues.

The city also wants residents to know when roads around them are going to be cordoned off and for how long.

An interactive map on the city’s website allows residents to see the work going on around and what might be coming up next.

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