A first look at new Sandy Hook Elementary

NEWTOWN, Conn. (WTNH) — Three and a half years after a gunman killed 26 people inside the Sandy Hook Elementary School, students will soon head to the halls of a brand new building at the same spot.

After the 2012 tragedy, the old Sandy Hook school was demolished, but there was no other place to build the new school without it costing a lot of money, so the new building is in the same place. It will be a very different place, however.

Construction has been well documented on the website sandyhook2016.com. A team of architects has gone to great lengths to get to know the Sandy Hook community, from teachers, to parents, to first responders. They elected not to have any kind of memorial in the building to the past tragedy.

The new school is about the future. Working together, they have come up with a school that embraces nature.

“That’s kind of right when it hits you. That you see the undulating facade, and it’s reminiscent of the rolling hills of Newtown, and you see the spires kind of poking out beyond on the second story, and right away you get that this is a building that can only be in Sandy Hook,” said Alana Konefal with Svigals & Partners.

Of course, there is a lot of security built into the building, in the overall design, and in technology inside designed to keep students as safe as possible.

The school will be all set to welcome kids back to school in just a few weeks.

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