Free furniture handout and giveaway in Manhattan

MANHATTAN, Kan. (KSNT) — Furniture Amnesty Day is an annual summer event that lets locals drop off or pick up furniture at no cost.

The day begins with people signing up for their chance to get up to five items per household and waiting for volunteers to give them their time. Residents are placed in groups and given a time to pick out the furniture they wanted, in hopes that it wasn’t taken.

“A lot of this lumber, or furniture, can be re-purposed and I’m surprised at the quality of it,” Shopper, Ron Wells said.

The event’s main purpose is to help people out like college students, who may not have enough money to buy furniture, or military members, who are constantly moving.

“Furniture Amnesty Day is always the last Friday in July — knowing that people are getting ready to move out and may have furniture to dispose of,” Program Coordinator, Kaitlin Long said. “And, also people are getting ready to move in and might need furniture as they’re settling into their new home in Manhattan.”

Long had help from 24 volunteers chosen from President Obama’s Young African Leaders program to show leadership in communities across America.

“I believe that small changes make the biggest impact,” Volunteer, Grace Ihejiamaizu said. “And I’m very passionate about community development and helping other people as much as possible. So, I’m really excited to be here.”

Ihejiamaizu says she was happy to see the smiles on people’s faces to get nice items for their homes.

“We got a little hanging chair or something like that,” Shopper, Temperance Herring said. “We got two bed mattresses, a table and that’s about it.”

Over 400 pieces of furniture were donated. Now over 100 people have a new place to sit or eat tonight.

Volunteers say any furniture left after five is up for grabs for anyone to have.

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