Jet skiers gather at Pomona Lake for Kansas Showdown

VASSAR (KSNT) – Pomona Lake is the place to be this weekend as some of the best male and female jet skiers in the region gather for the Kansas Showdown.

“A lot of good people here,” said Jayson Handshy, repeat racer at the Kansas Showdown. “That’s what makes racing so much fun is the people and atmosphere.”

About 100 racers plan to hit the water, which includes a lot of experienced riders

“A lot of world and national champions reside in the Midwest,” said Jeremy Styno, announcer for the Kansas Showdown. “Even though the competition isn’t huge here, they still have a love of racing and they’re going to come out and make sure they’re successful.”

The diversity continues with the age range as well.

“It doesn’t matter how old you are,” Handshy said. “My son’s 9, he races. One of my best friends, Craig Ingram, he’s 53 years old.”

With the vast area of Pomona Lake, the course is set to be a larger than average length, however as the racers explain, once you’re out there, you can only really worry about you.

“It’s you against the next guy,” Handshy said. “It doesn’t matter how much money you have. It’s all about the competition of yourself.”

The racers will go through a series of buoys consisting of split and converged tracks, and the jet skis will be going at pretty high velocities.

“In some classes, they’ll be 65-70 miles per hour and in the run-about open classes, you’ll see 80- to about 85-to 90 miles per hour.”

So if you’re looking for some high speed entertainment – while being out at the lake – this event is the one for you.

The Kansas Showdown will kick off Saturday at Pomona State Park in Boat Ramp 4.

Fireworks will follow the Saturday session.

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