Events bring excitement in downtown Topeka

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – You may have notice some roads in downtown Topeka are closed, like Kansas Avenue and a couple others. The roads are closed because there is a giant 500-feet slide and also a bike festival going on. These two events are bringing excitement to people in the area.

Cyclovia means the temporary closure of roads for the availability of biking and walking. Cyclovia was one of the events in downtown Topeka on Saturday looking to bring people to that area. The other event was a 500-feet slide called, “the Urban Slide,” right down Kansas Avenue.

1,000 to 1,500 people have went down the Urban Slide today according to people who are working on the event. They also told KSNT News, many of those people went down more than once.

And you could say the slide slid into people’s hearts.

“When you get by the sprinkler you get a little bit faster,” Emmitt Hochestler shared about his favorite part of riding on the slide.

“I like spinning around super-fast. It makes you dizzy and it makes it that much more fun,” Braden Burlison, who rode on the slide said.

But these two events have another meaning besides a sliding fun…

“It’s extremely important, not just for downtown, but for the entire city of Topeka, to show people outside of our city just how fun and community spirited we are,” Zach Haney, the Urban Slide event promoter, said.

Showing community spirit is something one of the urban slide riders even showed support for.

“I have seen people from school and businesses and stuff and I have seen a couple of my friends here,” George Kluczykwski, who slid down the 500-feet slide said.

In the end these events were meant for one thing, sliding into everyone’s smile.

“Seeing everyone laughing, smiling, and enjoying it has made it all worth it,” Haney said when asked about the most important thing.

If you are interested in looking for more local events like Cyclovia or the Urban Slide, go to

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