Letter intimidates voters before Election Day

MANHATTAN, Kan. (KSNT) – Voting is your patriotic right. Now, imagine getting a letter threatening you to vote. KSNT News spoke with one of two Manhattan residents who received a letter threatening them to vote. Every day, people receive mail and most of it is junk. One Manhattan couple received a letter which caught their attention.

emblem 2The letter is from the Kansas State Voter Report. The letter even has an official seal on it. The letter says, “This has been mailed out to you, your friends, your neighbors, and your community to show who votes or doesn’t vote.”

“It is almost like the school yard bully saying you better or I’m going to tell,” Richard Formella, who received the letter, said.full letter

The letter also listed 10 other people who live near Richard Formella. KSNT News went door to door and asked those 10 people if they had also received the letter. All of them told KSNT News they did not receive any letter resembling the one Formella received. Several told KSNT News, it is concerning Kansas State Voter Report is sharing this information. One of the residents also shared the information stating when they voted was incorrect, but for the most part the information stated was accurate.

“There is nothing on this document that tells me how to contact that office or this organization. There is no website there is no address, there is no phone number,” Formella said.

KSNT News even went out to the address listed on the letter in Manhattan. No business known as the Kansas State Voter Report even existed. Even Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach weighed in on the mysterious letter.

“This mailer did not come from the state. It did not come from any of Kansas counties and I condemn the private organization that deceptively tried to make it look like it came from the counties,” Kobach said.

All Formella wants is his privacy back, however, it is something which may not be easily returned.

“Many people will ask how they know that I voted last time and 4 years ago and 6 years ago… that is public record,” Kobach said.

However, Kobach said who you vote for is not public record. Kobach is also asking the people sending out the letter to be up-front and tell them they are a private organization.

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