Police chief adds ‘All Lives Matter’ decals to department’s patrol cars

A photo of a cruiser with the decal from Edwards Police along with an image of Chief Mayfield from Jackson State College.

EDWARDS, Miss. (WNCN) — A Mississippi police department has decided to add “All Lives Matter” decals to all the town’s police cruisers.

The Edwards, Miss. police now have the lettering on the back bumper of the cars in the department, the police chief told WNCN.

Police Chief Torrence Mayfield and the town’s mayor spent the money themselves to purchase the decals, Mayfield confirmed with WNCN on Tuesday.

” ‘Blue Lives Matter’ is not going to be welcome by everyone and neither is ‘Black Lives Matter’,” Mayfield told WLBT-TV, which first reported about the decals.

“You are not going to be able to please everyone, but 100 percent of my officers completely agreed, the Mayor agreed and everyone has absolutely loved it,” said Mayfield.

Edwards is located about 30 miles west of Jackson, Miss.

Recently some sheriff’s offices in North and South Carolina have added slogans like “In God We Trust.”

Mayfield said that he decided to add the lettering to the cars after deadly shootings by police of civilians — along with deadly ambush shootings of police officers in Dallas and Baton Rouge.

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