Family of Lily Coats-Nichols still looking for answers after murder

Courtesy: Carmen Anello

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – More than a year has passed and there are no answers in the murder of a 5 year old Topeka girl. KSNT News talked with the family of Lily Coats-Nichols about what the last year has been like and what they are trying do to now.

Courtesy: Carmen Anello
Courtesy: Carmen Anello

“We are not going to get Lily back. We are not going to get that time back with her. It has been a huge loss for my sister,” Lily’s aunt, Carmen Anello told KSNT News.

Lily Coats-Nichols was killed on this intersection on Golf Park and Fremont back in 2015. That was over a year ago and now the family still doesn’t have answers

“We haven’t been able to find who has done this, so that has been a huge struggle,” Anello said.

Now that struggle has led the family and the Topeka Police Department to try something new. Something new being an increase in reward. A rare move seen on this flier to try and get help answers.

“We are really hoping that, again, this will encourage someone to come forward as more of an incentive,” Anello said.

The incentive? $5,000 for the person who gives police information that leads to a resolution and answers. But, the clock is ticking as that increase is only good for thirty days.

“As far as we are concerned the interest has never gone away. I mean we have always been pushing it. Our mother has always been working hard to get the information out there,” Anello said.

Lily’s grandmother, Robin, has been working with Topeka Crime Stoppers to find out what happened and to increase the reward. But, Carmen tells me it’s more than just money.

“It’s not so much a monetary incentive for someone to come forward. I think it also shows how serious, how very serious it is for our family,” Anello said.

“We just want someone to give us that tiny bit of information that makes the difference, that’s all we are asking for,” Anello said. “We are not asking for you to put yourself at risk. We are just asking that you help fix this.”

Carmen Anello said she is grateful for the community’s support and the efforts of the police. If you have any information about the case, you are asked to call Topeka Crime Stoppers.

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