Junction City High School has leaks after $250,000 roof repairs

JUNCTION CITY, Kan. For months — Junction City High School’s had a leaky roof. After pumping 250-thousand dollars into it over the summer — the school’s still seeing this — more damage when it rains.
“One day, one area looks great…the next day it’s leaking. and so it’s an ongoing process.”

We asked the district who was at fault. Ladonna Junghans says the contractor did its job — but to fix the entire roof correctly would cost over a million dollars — which is something that’s not in the school’s budget.
“It’s kind of an inconvenience for them, but it’s a huge safety factor for us,” Ladonna Junghans, President of USD 475 Board of Education.

She says the leaks could cause danger for students if floors get too wet from the leaks, but the school is trying to fix the issue as soon as possible. Besides their issues with the roof, the school has made upgrades to the school’s technology and design.

Something students can look forward to is the school’s 1:1 initiative. meaning students can get one of these laptops for their online learning experience.

The school also made improvements to this library media area — adding new tables and chairs.

Even with the problems with the roof, Davis says students should be happy with the improvements throughout the school.

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