Kansas Air National Guard members return home

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – Families were reunited with men and women from the Kansas Air National Guard Saturday afternoon. Some of those families had more than one person serving. Other people serving followed in the footsteps of their relatives. One family is no stranger to sending loved ones overseas. A plane carried the men and women of the Kansas Air National Guard 190th Air Refueling Wing back to Forbes Field Saturday afternoon.

Families looked on and waited as their loved ones returned to their arms once again. For some…it may be routine. For others….it was a fresh feeling. Chuck and Monicka Remboldt saw their two sons deployed for the first time in June. The two airmen were in Qatar this time.

“It just tore up my heartstrings a little bit… It was just tough,” said mother of Connor and Isaac Remboldt, Monicka Remboldt.

But now her sons, Connor and Isaac are home safely.

“Even if it is tough or has been hard sometimes I dig deep and pull myself up to it,” said Airman, Connor Remboldt.

Even thought this was the first time Monicka has said goodbye to her sons. Their deployment is something that flies in the family. Their father Chuck Remboldt is a colonel in the Kansas Air National Guard. He has served for more than three decades. Despite his experience…he was focused on his sons coming home.

“It’s been a long lonely summer without them but I look forward to getting them back,” father of Isaac and Connor, Col. Chuck Remboldt said.

And it was a homecoming Connor will never forget.

“You really can’t beat a whole bunch of people on the ramp waiting to meet you after you have been away for so long,” said Connor Remboldt.

“I’m very happy to see them, I have been excited, my legs are still shaking a little bit and I just can’t wait to spend time with them again,” said Connor Remboldt.

Now, Connor and Isaac are looking forward to trading their BDU’s for crimson and blue when they go to KU August 22nd.

Monicka Remboldt tells KSNT News she is looking forward to having the whole family together again for dinner.

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