Silver Lake Football Head Coach controversy ends

SILVER LAKE, Kan. (KSNT) –  The question of will be calling plays from Silver Lake’s 50 yard line was finally answered tonight. Silver Lake Football Head Coach CJ Hamilton will be back with his players on the grid iron.

CJ Hamilton confirmed to KSNT News that he will not be leaving his position as head coach of Silver Lake High School football. Hamilton will continue in the position he’s held for four decades. After tonight’s emergency meeting at Silver Lake High. KSNT News spoke with a man the majority of the community backed before the school board.

The resignation of an assistant head coach for silver lake football came just weeks before the start of the season. This means the team had to find a person to replace him.

“The quickest fix for me was to try and find someone fairly local that fit the mold, that knew the staff and knew something about the system,” Silver Lake Head Coach CJ Hamilton said.

The person who Silver Lake Head Coach CJ Hamilton recommended his son, Travis Hamilton for the position. When the decision was not made by the school board to confirm a new assistant coach, which led to some frustration according to Hamilton.

“We had a limited amount of time to get ready so that’s where I needed to meet with them and let them know this has to move forward as quickly as possible,” Hamilton said.

Hamilton says he wrote a letter of concerns to the school board.

Tom Weineck: “Did you ever fill in a resignation letter?” CJ Hamilton: “I wrote a letter, let me say that as far as the board accepting that… No.”

Hamilton will be the head coach this year, but now he will have two new assistant head coaches instead of one. Both of them are his sons.

“The community came together and that is what is important, and I think it is a positive thing that we can move forward now and put this to rest and focus on the kids,” Hamilton said.

The situation was even eye opening for the school board.

“It was a good wake up call for us at the end of the day,” School Board President Randy Matzke said.

Matzke says the board now realizes they may not have their head coach for much longer. But, in the meantime, Hamilton tells me he is looking forward to this upcoming season. He also says he thinks there is the potential to do something special with this year’s team.

Sunday the football team and parents will have a meeting about the hiring of two assistant coaches and what their roles will be.

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