Summer fun slides away

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – School is right around the corner, which means summer is coming to an end. Kids and parents of kids who are going back to school both reacted to new school year. At Gage Park many kids were enjoying their last few days Sunday afternoon, before school slides into their schedule and summer fun slides away.

“Playing Pokémon,” said Mikel Kramer, a 10th Grader said.

Or doing other things like Kemyellah Moore.

“I went to camp and we went swimming a lot of times,” 2nd Grader, Kemyellah Moore said.

Kids also climbed trees and swung from the branches. Now… They sliding into the school year, ready to get back to doing homework and walking halls like these. But some kids like Owen Nehl can’t wait for school to start.

“Just meeting new people and starting sports for the first time,” Owen Nehl, a 7th grader said.

Kids are not the only ones watching summer slip away. Parents are gearing up for the school year too. But instead of getting in the last bit of play time, moms and dads are focused on the details.

“Make sure they got all their school supplies and the clothes. Making sure we don’t need to buy anything we don’t already have,” Desirae Plummer, mother of Mikel Kramer, said.

Other kids already headed back to school on Friday like Candice Klofklorn.

“Definitely hanging out with my friends and my sports, I play cross country, I do track and basketball, so I’m ready for that,” Candice Klofklorn, a 10th grader, said

Unlike Candice, her brother, Owen will have a few final fun days before summer ends and school begins.

“Just trying to squeeze the last few bits out of it,” Nehl said.

Most parents told KSNT News they already have gotten their kids school supplies so they are prepared for the upcoming school year.

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