Boil water advisory issued for Manhattan affects businesses and students

MANHATTAN, Kan. (KSNT) —  A power outage at a water treatment plant in Manhattan has placed thousands in the city under a boil water advisory.
Drinking a glass of water from the sink is something people in Manhattan need to be cautious of until the end of the boil water advisory.

On Monday morning Manhattan’s main power plant lost power, causing low water pressure for a time. That low water pressure could have allowed the water to become contaminated.  That’s why City Manager, Ron Fehr is advising residents, especially those in Northwest Manhattan to boil their water as a precaution.

“So what happened was is, as everything started going lower, we weren’t able to pump water fast enough to refill those towers,” Fehr said.

Those towers supply residents and businesses in Northwest Manhattan. One restaurant received this alert from KSNT News and told their customers as they came in.

“We’ve boiled some water in the back and we just really haven’t been using any of the tap water and using extra chemicals to wash the dishes,” Manager at Mr. K’s Cafe & Bar, Rachel Anguiano said.

Although the Kansas Department of Health and Environment has only issued an advisory and not an order, a K-STATE student told us it’s being taken seriously.

“I heard that all the Starbucks are closed around Manhattan,” K-STATE student, Alexis Jackson said. “I also work at Taco Johns and we can’t sell fountain drinks today or until further notice until it’s all cleared up.”

The City Manager is giving people two pieces of advice as a precaution. One, you can let the water run for awhile before drinking it or two, you can boil your water to be on the safer side.

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