Kaori Icho one win away from making history with fourth gold medal

Kaori Icho at Olympics

With three wins so far today, Japanese wrestler Kaori Icho has moved into the women’s 58kg Gold Medal Match.

On more victory, and she will become the first female in any sport to win an individual-event gold medal at four Olympics.

Icho, who has won three consecutive Olympic titles in women’s freestyle wrestling, would also break the record for most wrestling gold medals by anyone – male or female.

Women’s 48kg quarterfinals
Tosaka (JPN) wins 11-2 vs. Augello (USA)
Sun (CHN) wins by injury withdrawal vs. Vinesh (IND)
Stadnik (AZE) wins by tech fall 10-0 vs. Matkowska (POL)
Yankova (BUL) wins 3-2 vs. Castillo (COL)

Women’s 58kg quarterfinals
Icho (JPN) wins 3-1 vs. Yesilrmak (TUR)
Ratkevich (AZE) wins 7-3 vs. Renteria (COL)
Tynybekova (KGZ) wins 14-7 vs. Olli (FIN)
Koblova (RUS) wins 9-2 Malik (IND)

Women’s 69kg quarterfinals
Vorobeva (RUS) wins 4-2 vs. Ochirbat (MGL)
Mostafa (EGY) wins by fall (5:40) vs. de Oliveira (BRA)
Fransson (SWE) wins 9-1 vs. Focken (GER)
Dosho (JPN) wins 7-2 vs. Yeats (CAN)

Women’s 48kg semifinals
Tosaka (JPN) wins 8-3 vs. Sun (CHN)
Stadnik (AZE) wins by fall (2:21) vs. Yankova (BUL)

Women’s 58kg semifinals
Icho (JPN) wins by tech fall 10-0 vs. Ratkevich (AZE)
Koblova (RUS) wins 4-1 vs. Tynybekova (KGZ)

Women’s 69kg semifinals
Vorobeva (RUS) wins by fall (1:18) vs. Mostafa (EGY)
Dosho (JPN) wins 7-2 vs. Fransson (SWE)

Gold Medal Matches
48kg: Tosaka (JPN) vs. Stadnik (AZE)
58kg: Icho (JPN) vs. Koblova (RUS)
69kg: Vorobeva (RUS) vs. Dosho (JPN)

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