Coffey County sees damage from storms

COFFEY COUNTY, Kan. (KSNT) — Residents are cleaning up after Wednesday night’s round of storms. High winds of about 80 mph swept through parts of Coffey County leaving one man’s property destroyed to pieces.

Alan Barrett is picking up those pieces Thursday. Because he lost a lot when his shop was hit.

“Mower, power washer, tractor and loader,” Homeowner, Alan Barrett said. “I’m also a shrinner and I had a couple of mini teeths in there and one of them has got quite a bit of damage”

And it wasn’t just high winds that took down those big pieces of equipment.  Barrett has hail damage on his roof, cracks in his chimney and a present for his grandchildren will have to be fixed.

“We had a new swing set there for the grand kids we just bought and as you can see it’s upside down,” Barrett said.

Brad Norton who lives just a few miles away also had hail damage to his house. But that wasn’t his biggest concerns.

“Suddenly there was just a rope funnel that appeared. it was almost instantaneously,” homeowner, Brad Norton said.

Even though the storm brought a lot of damage it didn’t stop one Coffey County kid from collecting this golf ball sized hail after ducking for cover.

“Well we got away from the windows,” Gavin Stice, who was at home during the storm said

“And what did you hide behind,” Gavin Stice’s grandmother asked.

“The couch,” Gavin Stice.

With more storms coming to the area, people here are not looking forward to what those storms might bring.

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