Environmental organizations collecting supplies for Dakota Access Pipeline protesters

ROCHESTER, Minn. – Protesters in North Dakota and around the country have been uniting in the fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline, which is meant to send oil from North Dakota, through Iowa to Illinois.

Environmentalists, Indian tribes and other activists will soon be getting support from a local organization. Rochester for Justice is planning to take a trip to North Dakota to drop off supplies the protesters are in need of.

Until Sept. 11, they’ll be collecting donated items like camping supplies, bottled water, electronics and phone chargers, as well as cash donations so the group can purchase items when they arrive. The Founder of R4J says he’s heard from a lot of people locally that they want to help out with the efforts but don’t know how, which is why they stepped up.

“Rochester for Justice is trying to put ourselves in as the middle-man to help people participate,” Wilkins explains. “Any hunter, any fisherman, anybody who enjoys the outdoors should understand from a basic premise that this is something for all people. This is something that we all need to stand on principle for and make sure we keep our environment safe — it’s the only one we’ve got.”

They will be collecting supplies and donations until Sept. 11. Find more information about donating on their Facebook page.

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