NM man arrested for stalking in Garden City

Oscar Moreno-Medina (Finney County Jail photo)

GARDEN CITY, Kan. (KSNW) — A New Mexico man has been arrested on suspicion of stalking a woman in Garden City.

While investigating the case, police uncovered some unsettling details.

“At this point we know he is a construction worker and he resides in Albuquerque, New Mexico,” said Sergeant Andrew Roush with the Garden City Police Department.

Garden City police say Oscar Moreno-Medina has been arrested on suspicion of stalking charges in a case that started in June.

“It appears that the suspect,” said Roush, “just by happenstance, saw our victim and took the opportunity to follow her home, and then it kind of progressed from there.”

Police say the suspect first saw the victim in June at the Schulman Crossing shopping center. He followed her home, and that’s when things got serious.

Police say their investigation revealed Moreno-Medina found the victim’s name by looking through her mail.

Over the next few months, he tried contacting her on social media, and he even sent gifts to her home.

“We do have reports of this type of call. It is very unusual for these types of stalking cases to really culminate into something that we saw last night.”

Neighbors say they saw Moreno-Medina near the victim’s home before, but he wasn’t arrested until last night after someone called about a prowler.

When police arrived, they say they found Moreno-Medina coming out from behind bushes near the victim’s house.

“Things that are out of the ordinary at the home and things like that definitely call if you feel that there is an issue,” said Roush.

Garden City police want to remind you to be careful on social media. A friend request from a stranger could be innocent, but you should keep in mind personal safety if things escalate.

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