Bodacious bombshells bounce into TopCon Geek Expo 2016

TopCon’s Executive Director, The GYPSY,  smiles when talking about the Gorgeous Gals, “I like the fact that TopCon can act as a venue for new and upcoming Cosplayers. Experienced Cosplayers bring a Heroic Heritage to any con but even they had to start somewhere. When we can showcase the Impressive Impersonations of such new talent like Lauren Schweer & Halley Burgess, then that is indeed a Joyful Job to have.”

The two Kinetic Kindred Spirits almost seem joined together at the hip as they bring Loving Life to their creations. Marvelously Magnificent in their presentations you would swear that they are Notorious Nerds who have been Cosplaying for years. As their skill progresses in more Opulent Ornamented costumes they will become even more and more sought after on the Con Circuit.

“These People Pleasers will be a real treat for our TopCon Fans.” The GYPSY says, “They truly are the Quirky Queens of Cosplay and the Fans will Radically Relish the experience of meeting these two Silken Sirens.”

To meet the Tantalizing Team all one has to do is come to TOPCON GEEK EXPO 2016 where not only the BODACIOUS BOMBSHELLS will be present but also an Untold Universe of Vivacious Vixens and Wonderful Warriors await with Xenial Xylophonic performers of Zany Zestful Cosplay excellence.

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