Flooding causing problems for Kansas Judicial Center

(KSNT News Photo taken back in September 2016 of flooding at the Kansas Judicial Center)

The last two days of rain has caused some headaches for the Kansas Supreme Court.

“This is court week,” Public Information Director, Lisa Taylor said. “The Supreme Court is in session everyday this week and they hear cases in the morning and then conference in the afternoon. And the most profound leaking is in their chambers.”

Taylor said a couple of judges’ offices have leaking in them too, but luckily there was no leaking in the courtroom. For now, they’re figuring out how to work around the mess.

“We can make other space available to them throughout the Judicial Center,” Taylor said.

The Kansas Judicial Center’s roof was under construction and water leaked through the not-yet-finished project. The water from the leaks flowed into chambers of the Supreme Court Justices, as well as a conference room where the justices meet.

“What I showed you today was the most severe leaking and we know from that that there are at least 2 Supreme Court justices…possibly more and I think there’s leaking in other offices,” Taylor said.

Crews had to wait for the showers to stop before they could start cleaning up the rain-soaked mess left behind from Tuesday’s rain.

The Kansas Department of Administration is responsible for the building and the current construction project. The department will work to see how much damage was done from the water.

Contractors are still assessing the damages and don’t have an estimate yet.



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