Dense fog gives way to sunny skies later on


A dense fog advisory was in place for the majority of northeast Kansas until 8 this morning, but the fog hasn’t thinned out just yet. Enough moisture is still in the air to support pockets of dense fog, and calm winds aren’t helping to clear out the fog either. As of 8:30 this morning, some areas such as Marysville, Manhattan, and Emporia, are recording less than half a mile of visibility.

The widespread fog will gradually clear out throughout the remainder of the morning, but make sure to take extra precaution when driving just in case you do run into any foggy pockets of lower visibility.

Once the fog dissipates, the next element we’re tracking to gradually clear out is the broken cloud cover. The more organized cloud cover will continue to sink to the south, and be out of the region entirely by early afternoon. After that, sunshine will dominate all of northeast Kansas to go along with temperatures hugging the 80 degree mark.


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