Summery weather sticks around this week


Plenty of sunshine is once again on tap for today as the cloud cover will really start to break apart after noon. This afternoon is also when we’ll see the winds start to become more organized out of the south, and that will not only filter in warm temperatures, but also higher humidity.

You might start to feel that slight stickiness in the air early on this afternoon, but the higher humidity will make its presence known for the later half of the afternoon into the evening. However, this is just the start of the humid conditions across the region.

Muggier air will move in by the second half of the day on Monday, but not all of us may experience that muggy air. It’s still going to be humid across the region, but the muggiest air looks to engulf the eastern and southern counties primarily with drier air in place for the northwestern counties. Couple the higher humidity with abnormally high temperatures near the 90 degree mark for Monday, and heat index values could easily push into the mid 90s.

Fall may officially start on Thursday, but summer definitely isn’t going down without a fight. An abundance of sunshine will stick around for the next few days with only meager chances for scattered showers and storms starting on Wednesday. The sunny skies will go along with unseasonably hot temperatures. Right here in Topeka, the average for this time of year is 80°, and I’m tracking temperatures well above that for most of the week with highs in the mid to upper 80s.

Moderate humidity through at least the next few days will help the heat index temperatures separate itself from the air temperatures, making it feel even hotter outside. It’s not until a cold front swings through Friday into Saturday that we’ll see the return of more seasonable temperatures.

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