K-State focused on eliminating penalties heading into Saturday

Bill Snyder

Courtesy: K-State Athletics

Head Coach Bill Snyder
On addressing the penalty issues from previous games…
“Those are things that have to take place in the course of a ballgame and in the course of practice. It is a discipline element, and that requires accountability and coaches are responsible for implementing the accountability. It is not after the fact on game day, it is during the course of the week. We have to do a better job of holding players accountable when those things take place in the course of a practice week. There is an approach to scrutinizing that more closely.”

On Winston Dimel’s presence near the goal line…
“It is kind of the nature of our offense to have a fullback guy and we have had somebody who has always fit that category for the most part. Winston does a nice job and is good in a lot of aspects of the game. He can run because he has some girth to him, he can run aggressively. He does some other things as well. He can block and is good in the passing game. All of those things are important. When we get down there, it is not just automatic that he is going to get the ball. We have a lot of guys, as you have seen, that are good goal-line runners as well. Sometimes is not a matter of knocking people back as it is finding the right seams and to put the ball in the right place. Winston has the ability to do that too.”

On the defense being an improved unit form last year…
“I do not look at the statistics, only when the season is over, but just based on the assessment and evaluation of where we are right now, I would say, yes, we are an improved defensive football team from last year. I think that would speak very negatively of us as coaches if we were not considering the fact that we have a good deal of experience coming back as well. As I have said so many times, experience is a major factor whether it is good experience or not and some of it last year was not. Being on the field and experiencing certain things, understanding how to deal with those things that you experience on the field and know what to go back next week and prepare for and improve upon. I think our guys have done that and I think we are reacting quicker. I have said that in here a number of times that the experience gives you the ability to process information faster and consequently react faster and consequently play faster.”

On Jesse Ertz’s comfort level in the passing game…
“He is still a work in progress and is still learning. Once again, getting adapted to certain things when you have not been on the field for an extended period of time can be abnormal and a little different from what you see in practice, just different exposures. He is gaining more and more in the way of exposure, and as he does so, he gains greater confidence and execution, and decision making becomes better. It is the nature of the game.”

On the key to Dominque Heath’s improvement …
“I think he does a pretty good job of leadership within the (wide receiver) group because he has a little experience, at least as it relates to practice and some game experience outside of (Deante Burton). He has been beneficial in that respect. He brings some diversity in the fact that he does not always have to line inside, he can line outside as well. So he can play across the board because of his experience. He has some good quickness to him and is not afraid to lay out and make catches. He can make some of the hard catches that we have seen him make.”

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