Topekans concerned after crime caught on camera


TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – Shock is how Jennifer Hamelin and Leslee Kennedy felt after watching a black and white surveillance tape in the living room of their neighbor’s house.

Hours before, around 1:45 a.m. Wednesday, several people walked down the 1900 block of Edgewater Terrace going through cars; even stealing one.

“I had thought my car was out in front of my house, but I went out and looked out the window and it was gone,” said Kennedy of how her morning started. She said police called her when they found her car gutted and vandalized near S.W. 35th and Topeka Boulevard.

Several minutes of the vandalism and thefts were seen through the lens of two cameras mounted on a neighbors house.

“Not only did we catch them trying to get into my car, we caught them trying to get into neighbor’s cars,” Dayna Dempewolf said. “I was already terrified after the first time it happened and I constantly watch my cameras.”

In total, Dempewolf has five cameras at her house looking both inside and outside. They were installed after her car was broken into in August and her wallet was stolen.

“It makes me sick to watch it,” Dempewolf said.

The three women have called the Topeka Police Department and hope they find answers. However, the women said no fingerprints were taken from their cars even though the suspects can clearly be seen touching handles and windows.

“It just makes you scared to that, you know, you’re in bed, asleep and you think you’re safe on your block and, then, while you’re sound asleep there are these people, walking around getting into everyone’s things,” Hamelin said.

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