Training thunderstorms dumped inches of rain last night


An eruption of showers and storms last night wreaked havoc in spots across northeast Kansas last night. Scattered showers and storms began popping up across the western portion of the region during the afternoon yesterday, but it wasn’t until later in the evening that the more widespread heavy rain began to fall.

The scattered storms congealed together to form a more linear formation of storms, but the main issue was the lack of forward progression. The thunderstorms were training, which means that they kept building on top of one another without really moving. Therefore, the same areas were being pounded by heavy downpours, and thus the threat for flood flooding began to rise.

All and all, Nemaha, Brown, and portions of Jackson, Jefferson, Shawnee, Wabaunsee, Osage, and Lyon found themselves under a flash flood warning late last night. Numerous reports began filtering in of closed roadways due to flooding, waterways rising quickly, and severe ponding. However, Shawnee county was one of the hardest hit areas.

The preliminary reports have started to circulate in this morning, with the top 3 highest rainfall totals thus far all residing in Shawnee county. Radar estimates had suggested roughly 4 inches had fallen just to the west of downtown Topeka. However, some spots surpassed that. Almost 6 inches had fallen just east of Dover with a report of 5.86″, and Silver Lake trailed behind at 5.08″. Hoyt was shy of the 5 inch mark with a total of 4.65″ of rain, thus far.

While the overall threat of flash flooding has diminished overnight, more rain continues to fall across northeast Kansas this morning. Another batch of widespread rain has spread across areas primarily south of I-70 this morning, but has crept into the northeastern corner of the region, as well.

Although we will see some storm totals climb throughout the morning, it’s not the same set up as yesterday. This rain is falling mainly at a light to moderate rate, with some pockets of heavier downpours embedded within this swath of precipitation. This batch of rain isn’t nearly as stationary, and will continue to be pushed out of the area through the morning into the early afternoon. As the cold front itself continues to sink to the southeast, it’ll take the showers with it. We’ll gradually not only dry out from northwest to southeast, but also clear out. The cloud cover will retreat along with the cold front, with the majority of northeast Kansas seeing clear skies as Sunday turns into Monday.



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