Washed out roads cost a pretty penny

EMPORIA, Kan. (KSNT) – Rain, rain go away. That’s the old saying… One county hopes saying it will make it come true after this floodingyear’s flooding. The rain has cost them tens of thousands of dollars.

Roads like Road G in Lyon County are being washed out because of the flooding. The dirt and gravel were swept from the road after the current from the Cottonwood River took them away. However, this isn’t the first time Lyon County has had an issue with flooding.

“This is around the fourth go around we have had,” Chip Woods, Lyon County Engineer said.

“This year has been particularly frustrating because basically by the time we get roads fixed and opened up we get hit with another rain and gotta start all over,” Woods said.

Getting hit with rain over and over again has cost the county more than $200,000. One storm in March cost the county $110,000 alone. And each time gravel roads flood — it costs the county around $40,000.

“It’s quite a strain on the budget,” Woods said.

The flooded roads aren’t just frustrating for the county… But also for people who live on them.

“When it floods, I’m stuck out here,” Dennis Castleberry, a person who lives on a road which floods often.

Dennis Castleberry lives near the Cottonwood River on Road G.

“Ain’t no way to get into town, no way to do anything,” Castleberry said.

He says the road has flooded 3 times this summer.

And wants to see a resolution for the road flooding sooner rather than later.

“They come try to fix it but they don’t,” Castleberry said.

Castleberry says the Lyon County Highway Department just brings the gravel back onto the road. And says that doesn’t help when the gravel gets washed away.

The Lyon County Engineer told me that they are at the mercy of Mother Nature if a road will be flooded. He also says the 2016 storms have caused almost as much flooding as they did more than a decade ago.




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