More showing up on radar this time of year

Maybe you’ve seen the live sweep of radar on our 24/7 weather channel (49.4) showing quite a bit going on when the skies are clear. If you follow radar closely, you have likely realized that it is just what we call “ground clutter.” That is essentially things in the air near the ground other than rain that the radar beam is detecting.

However, certain times of year the amount of things in the air can go up. As you can see from the image taken from MaxTrack radar Thursday afternoon, there is a higher-than-average amount of clutter.


It becomes more interesting as you see that there are areas where the radar beam is detecting more and/or larger objects in the air. They are all located directly over the area lakes.


The reason for this is the increased activity by migratory birds that circle over the lakes during much of the daytime hours.

-Storm Track Chief Meteorologist Matt Miller

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