Student at Wichita State University diagnosed with tuberculosis

Sedgwick County Health Department (KSNW File Photo)

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Sedgwick County Health reports a student on the Wichita State University campus is diagnosed with tuberculosis (TB).

Measures such as treatment are in place to stop the spread of disease. The risk of WSU students and staff getting TB is very low.

Close contacts of the WSU student will be contacted by Sedgwick County Division of Health for evaluation. If a student is not contacted by the Division of Health, there is no need for a TB evaluation.

TB is spread through the air by coughing or sneezing. The only way to get TB is by close contact for an extended time with someone who is able to spread the disease.

SCDH works with patients and health partners such as WSU to ensure treatment, provide education, and identify contacts to stop the spread of diseases, including TB. Sedgwick County reported 13 cases of active TB in 2015 and 5 cases to date in 2016.

For more information about tuberculous, click here.

A Sedgwick County tuberculosis fact sheet is available here.

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