Support surrounds pastor jailed with medical condition

Courtesy : Shawnee County Jail

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – A congregation is supporting their local pastor who sits behind bars after accusations he assaulted his daughter. Friday night, we received an email from the Light of the World Christian Center. As the pastor of the church sits in jail — the congregation is standing behind him. They say he never tried to hurt anyone.

Courtesy : Shawnee County Jail
Courtesy : Shawnee County Jail

He’s most known for his Sunday morning sermons. But Friday night – Pastor Greg Varney is in trouble with the law. Law enforcement says he used a car to assault his daughter at his home. A person who attends Varney’s church says this is unusual behavior.

“When I heard the news I was shocked,” Patrick Ramsey said. “This is out of character for Pastor Greg Varney. This is not him. This is not the pastor I know something is not right.”

A close family friend says the pastor’s sick – and that contributed to his arrest.

“He has medical problems and they are getting worse,” Ramsey said. “The dialysis he is on is not helping him at all.”

While the pastor isn’t expected to preach Sunday — one thing’s clear — the people who attend the church will be praying for him.

“I can’t abandon him. He has done so much for his community,” Ramsey said. “He has never done anything… this is out of character for pastor.”

Friday evening, the church told us his changes in behavior are believed to be caused by the toxins released in his body when his kidneys failed. His family is working to get him help. The sheriff’s office would not tell us about the specifics of the crime he’s accused of.

The Light of the World Christian Center was founded in 1985 by Varney and his wife. It’s been at its current location since 1993.

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