Pleasant and seasonable start to October

The tranquil, fall-like weather from the last week of September will spill over into today, to start off October on a pleasant note! A mix of sun and clouds will be hanging around throughout the day today, to go along with fairly seasonable temperatures. The average high for Topeka today is 74°, and I think we’ll hit that high temperature right on, and if not, we’ll only be a degree or two off.

We’ll continue this stretch of calm conditions through the weekend into the start of the work week. Mostly sunny skies will linger around, but temperatures will gradually increase. Temperatures will climb into the upper 70s for tomorrow, with highs near 80 anticipated for Monday.

It’s not until midweek that we finally reintroduce precipitation to the region. A cold front that will pass through Tuesday into Wednesday will bring us the chance for some scattered showers and storms. But once that rain clears out, quiet conditions return to close out the work week with temperatures back in the lower 70s.

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