Clown craze scaring Topeka kids

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – A frightened Topeka girl claims a clown appeared out of nowhere and chased her. In another Topeka case, a middle schooler says a clown threatened her and a friend on Facebook. KSNT News went to find out if the strange trend we’ve seen in other parts of the country has now arrived here.

Clowns have been trying to scare people all over the United States and now Topeka — one was spotted on the corner of SW 13th and SW Western in Topeka Monday morning.

“A school aged student called and said that someone dressed as a clown was following them,” Lt. Colleen Stuart of the Topeka Police Department said.

As the trend of clowns trying to scare people continues to grow…

“We have had about 5 calls since late last week,” Lt. Stuart said. “None of them have been involving aggressive behavior.”

…They have reached middle school kids on social media.

“I’m gonna come kill you and Nia, I know where you got to school. I’ll be there Monday to kill you.” — That is what a post on Facebook Friday by a clown to a middle schooler said.

One family kept their 12 year old daughter home after the threat was made to her friend.

“I want to protect my child and I don’t want her to be afraid to go to school,” Kirsten Book, a concern parent said. “When they come to you and tell you it is because of this, it freaks out as a parent.”

The Facebook threat is something the Topeka School District Police are not clowning around about.

“We would provide additional officers at any school if we believe there is a potential threat,” Unified School District 501 Police Chief Ron Brown said.

The family and police both agree action is better than doing nothing.

“We didn’t want to be that parent that said everything is going to be okay,” Dana Book, another concern parent said. “It’s a joke just go to school and wake up the next morning and have something crazy happen.”

The Topeka Police and the school district police both said they will investigate any suspicious. And 501 police say they are paying careful attention after the sightings.

The Topeka Police Department says if someone is wearing a clown costume, they could be arrested. But that is only if they are acting aggressive towards someone.

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