Clowns take on clowns

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (KSHB) – Reports of creepy clown sightings are terrifying people throughout the country.

They’ve popped in several states in recent weeks, and even resulted in increased security at some schools.

All of these sightings have been giving professional clowns a bad reputation.

“It’s scary because I see some comments from people that want to kill clowns,” said Ivan Mendez, a part-time clown in Kansas City.

A rule that Mendez has when he goes to events is to always leave home as a clown and come home as one too. He doesn’t like to take his makeup off in between.

Because of this, Mendez and other clowns are worried they will be targeted if someone sees them in full costume out in public.

“I’m afraid for my safety now, I’m afraid for my family because 90 percent of the time my wife and kids are coming with me to help me out and set up everything,” he said.

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