More clown sightings in Topeka upset one neighbor and family

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – Five students in Southeast Topeka say they saw someone dressed as a clown earlier this morning approaching them with a knife. One of the victim’s brother says he saw the clown.

“And she had called 911 and she had run around here like, with a knife trying to stab her so she had called 911 and then she came to my house,” brother, Trevion Walston said.

Early Tuesday morning, Topeka Police showed up to the Deer Creek Town Homes in the southeast part of town. The victim’s mom says by the time police arrived, the clown was gone. Walston says he saw the clown run off after his sister ran to their house.

“It was in a red and black jumpsuit,” Walston said. Then, it had a black mask on.”

Hearing that clowns are scaring people in town has concerned Topekan, Gary Hill.

“I have grandchildren,” Hill said. “It could be my grandchildren or yours or anybody else’s. That’s an ignorant thing to do. That’s somebody that don’t have nothing to do.”

Hill said he’s upset and he wants something to be done about the people playing pranks on children.

“When they catch you, when they lock you up, don’t cry,” Hill said. “You did the crime, now you do the time. Simple as that, cut and dry. Go straight to jail!”

We reached out to Topeka’s school district to see what they were doing. They sent KSNT News the statement below:

“As the fall approaches, we want to remind parents and students to remain aware of their surroundings. It is important if you see something, say something. While there have been a number of clown siting in Topeka, there have not been any specific incidents on school property. We encourage students to follow standard safety precautions.”

The Director of Safety for Topeka’s school district, Ron Brown, is telling parents to walk their child to the bus stop. He even suggests waiting to make sure your child makes it on the school bus safely.

People dressing as clowns to scare people has become a growing trend in America. Topeka Police also reported Monday an incident where a student was being followed by a clown in Central Topeka.


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