AT&T bills man for more than $1,200

AUBURN, Kan. (KSNT) – One Auburn man received a bill more than $1,200 after AT&T dug a phone line through his yard that was only a few inches deep.The phone lines popped up out of the ground and got ruined — making AT&T give him a bill.

Homeowner, Lloyd Kimble has been battling with AT&T for over a year with a buried phone line around his property.

“Their line is in the wrong place without my permission and it’s too shallow,” Kimble said.

All of this because his neighbor could have services. Just two weeks ago, Kimble got this bill in the mail saying he owed the company $1,257.80

Kimble told KSNT News the first time he asked workers to take their cables around the edge of his home. He said workers had problems with one of his trees in his yard. Then workers came a second time and ran the cable around another tree. Around that time, Kimble was getting his driveway redone and the contractor cut the phone lines running through his driveway.

“That line was maybe two inches under my driveway,” Kimble said. “There was no excavation. He took a dump truck, dumped gravel on my driveway and spread it out with a blade on a tractor. He did not dig into anything.”

The third time, Kimble said workers buried the cable through his yard about 300 feet long — possibly ruining his septic tank underground. Shortly after that, AT&T called him.

“AT&T contacted me first, wanting to know the name of the contractor that cut the phone lines to the neighbor’s house,” Kimble said. “And I told them I’m not telling you because it wasn’t his fault.”

KSNT News reached out to AT&T on Thursday. After we stepped in, they sent us this statement:

“We have reached out to the property owner and will absorb the cost of the repair,” Media Relations worker with AT&T, Chris Lester wrote.

KSNT News contacted Chris Lester and he said knowing who Kimble’s contractor was would have helped them out in making their decision on who to bill. Even though Lloyd Kimble’s bill is now gone, he’s still worried if anything was damaged in his yard while workers tried to bury the phone line. He says he’ll be digging parts of his yard to see if his septic tank or anything else was ruined. We’ll follow up with this story if he sees any issues.

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