More clown threats reported around Kansas

More reports of creepy clowns have been reported around the KSN viewing area.

ARKANSAS CITY: Officers were to Arkansas City High School this morning out of caution due to the recent creepy clown threats in the state. There was no incident. Classes went on as scheduled.

SALINA: The Salina Police Department has received reports of creepy clown sightings, and threats through the use of social media and vandalism.  During one incident a person, wearing a clown mask, ran onto a school track during a sporting event and then quickly ran off.  The incident was recorded and later posted on social media. No injuries have been reported, and no arrests have been made in Salina. The Salina Police Department discourages everyone from partaking in this type of activity, as it may cause unnecessary fear and a likelihood of serious injury.

DODGE CITY:  The Dodge City Police Department began getting reports of clown sightings around town. Officers responded but were unable to substantiate them. Police began receiving reports that clowns were going to go to the schools and commit acts of violence. Each of these reports were investigated. Officers were able to determine that the reports were either misunderstandings by students who heard other students talking and misinterpreted what was said. Officers tracked down one incident where a student heard another student talking about it and made a fake Facebook page to scare the other student. Police said social media has helped fuel the hysteria.

HOISINGTON: The Hoisington Police Department said two individuals, both local residents, attempted to play a prank on some friends by dressing up as clowns. No one was chased. No one was attacked. No children were ever in danger. The suspects involved came forward on their own accord to make sure police did not waste resources. Police want parents to reassure their children that there are no clowns lurking in the shadows to snatch them up.

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