Dangerous dog ordinance changes

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – Dogs can now be put down for a first offense if they seriously hurt or kill someone. The Topeka City Council unanimously approved the change to the city’s dangerous dog ordinance.

There were some listed concerns and exceptions to this new ordinance, including protecting dogs that commit attacks on trespassers on private property or attacking their owner.

Amanda Krogman, the mother of two-year old Savanah Edwards, who was killed in a dog attack in 2012, was at the meeting. She is fully supportive of the new ordinance.

Topeka’s dangerous dog ordinance originally said any dog that is caught hurting any animal or person two times must be put down.

Some believe that this ordinance isn’t doing enough.

“It’s an incremental step but I just look at the carnage,” says Joseph Ledbetter, a local lawyer. “It’s just not strong enough. I hope we don’t have another one of those deaths in the near future.”

Earlier in September, two-year-old Piper Dunbar was also found dead. Investigators believe two pit bulls attacked her.

The measure also gives judges the power to put down dogs that cause great bodily harm, regardless of their history.

The Topeka City Council began debating changing the dangerous dog ordinance this year after a six-year-old Topeka girl was attacked by a dog in her neighborhood.

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