New data says concussions can kill brain cells within hours

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – Research was released by a Brown University professor last week showing for the first time the effects of concussions as they happen.

The research shows that brain cells can die within roughly six hours after a blow occurs. Making seeking immediate medical attention all the more important, especially in children and teens.

A concussion specialist KSNT News spoke with says often times athletes will leave a sport all together after suffering injury.

“There are a lot of sports that increase your risk of suffering a concussion, says Concussion Specialist Dr. Joe Waeckerle. With that in mind you have to understand that a lot of people will drop out in those sports and not play them because they’re not physically big enough, strong enough, fast enough or they don’t have a continued interest as they grow older.”

Dr. Waeckerle says there are plenty of treatment methods available today that prevent your child from having to leave a sport, mainly involving rest but are specialized to each patient. He also says often times parents will push their child to get right back into a sport after an injury, putting pressure on the athlete for scholarship or other future focused purposes. Dr. Waeckerle says this sin’t healthy and encourages parents to make sure their child heals properly.

Researchers say one potential solution to concussion damage could be an inhaler type device that sends cold air through blood vessels, cooling brain tissue in the crucial six hour time period, potentially preventing serious brain damage.



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