Right to hunt and fish on this year’s voting ballot

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – Kansans already have the right to fish, hunt and trap wildlife. But on this year’s ballot there’s a question asking Kansans if they should make this right should be turned into an amendment in the State’s Constitution.

“I think there’s a lot of other issues that need to be addressed,” Topekan, Thomas Reed said. “I feel like our Kansas wildlife is being well managed.”

The reason this proposed amendment is on this year’s ballot is because this amendment will protect hunters and fishers. It does not change any of the way things are currently done when it comes to hunting and fishing. You will still need the correct licenses and stamps. KSNT News asked Ron Kaufman with the Kansas Department of Wildlife what happens when majority of voters vote yes.

“It will have no effect on how the department operates and conducts its business,” Kaufman said. “It does not enact any news laws or regulations. It does not change any new laws or regulations.”

He said the amendment is aimed more at making sure that many of the public fishing and hunting spots will remain open in the future. If voters vote no…

“There may be situations that come up in the future where groups attempt to legally limit what species can be hunted, fished or trapped,” Kaufman said.

Topekan, Ray Lacoursiere said voting on this should be a priority to all hunters and fishers.

“I think the ability to do that is an important kind of freedom we have,” Lacoursiere said.

Several other states have already passed similar amendments. The last day to register to vote is Tuesday, October 18th. Click here for the list of other election dates.

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