Topeka man sent to jail for backyard church released on supervised probation

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – At a hearing before Shawnee County District Judge Bill Ossman Thursday morning, Myron Holter’s 90-day sentence was modified and he was placed on supervised probation.

He began serving his sentence earlier in October.  Holter was convicted in Topeka municipal court of violating six city ordinances last year.  According to Charles Kitt with the City of Topeka attorney’s office, Holter’s release comes with the condition that he remove the illegal structures or he would serve the remainder of the sentence.  Kitt said Holter consented to allowing the city to go onto his property to do an assessment next week.

The next step is City will send out a team to assess everything that needs to be removed and determine a cost estimate that will be provided to Holter.  Following that, Holter would either consent to the City abating the violations and accepting the bill for the costs or the City of Topeka would then seek an order allowing it to abate the violations and assess the costs to Holter.

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