Chief justice for Kansas Supreme Court reacts to flooding


TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – It’s been about a month since the Kansas Judicial Center was flooded from rains. And clean-up crews are still trying to repair the damages. KSNT News first told you about this story in September when the roof had major leaks and flooded many offices.

“This problem with the roof and then the rain have just caused a lot of disruption of the activities of the people in this building,” Chief Justice for the Kansas Supreme Court, Lawton Nuss said.

Behind Chief Justice is furniture stacked on other furniture so workers and come in and fix, what used to be, a leaky roof, wet walls and floors.

“To move from my chambers to another office in the building, there was somebody already in that office,” Nuss said. “And I had to kick him out so he had to take his materials and some of his things, like office furniture, with him to another area.”

The flooding was so bad that workers repairing one office had to remove the wood paneling, the sheet rock and the steel studs. Now only leaving an I-beam exposed. About 50 workers have been forced to relocate. Some workers are sharing an office with three other people all because of this damage from September. The roof was expected to be finished in September, but construction workers were still working on the roof when heavy rain came pouring down.

“We had had some leaking before, which is why we were getting a new roof,” Public Information Director for the Kansas Judicial Center, Lisa Taylor said. “What exactly triggered the leaking in that way, I don’t know. That hasn’t been determined or at least it’s not something that we have determined.”

Chief Justice Nuss said now his staff is spread out over the building making it more difficult to conduct meetings.

“We’re not as efficient as we want to be because some of the materials that were moved out of my chamber are still in boxes,” Nuss said.

Taylor said there’s no official date yet for when the justices and judges are able to get back in to their offices back. Chief Justice Nuss said workers are expecting everything to be finished by January 2017.

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