Clean Slate Day helps hundreds

TOEPKA (KSNT) – Topeka officials decided to keep the Clean Slate Day program open for an hour longer than scheduled after more people showed up than expected.

Monique Glaudé, with the city, said she expected about 100 hundred people to come to the municipal court to have warrants expunged.

Instead, the city handed out more than 360 tickets.

Hundreds of people lined the sidewalk near the entrance early Friday morning and the line stayed steady all day.

But some people coming to the program were apprehensive.

“I was prepared to go to jail, just in case, because I wasn’t sure,” said Anna Marie Guajardo. “I was here one week and I caught a case.”

Guajardo said she and her daughter wanted to attend the event but despite what the flyer said thought they were going to be arrested.

According to Guajardo, she didn’t see anyone leaving the building after they’d gone in. She later found out they were using a separate exit.

“The expungements have allowed people to get things cleaned off their records that can help them with housing, get jobs and get their license restored,” Glaudé said.

And for Guajardo it means being able to get around with one less worry.

“Now I can go out in peace,” she said standing with her two grandchildren. “When I see a cop, I don’t have to be nervous. I can just go about my business.”

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