Cloudy skies playing a role in our temperatures

Some of us could see more sunshine than others throughout the day today, with a gradual clearing of the skies throughout the weekend. Mostly cloudy skies will stick around throughout the morning, before some breaks of sunshine try to work their way in. Those breaks of sunshine could be enough to allow our temperatures climb into the mid to upper 70s. However, if the cloud cover dominates throughout the day, with even some stray spotty showers mixed in there as well, we could see temperatures struggle to warm up quite as much.

However, cloudy skies will once again engulf all of northeast Kansas overnight. With the extra cloud cover hanging around, that will really help keep our temperatures mild overnight. Any warmth we felt earlier during the day will try to escape back into the atmosphere after the sun sets, but cloudy skies will help keep in some of that warmth. Our temperatures won’t drop off drastically from our high temperatures as overnight lows will once again fall into the 60s.

We’ll start off mostly cloudy on the Sunday, but the cloud cover will finally start to break apart during the later half of the day. Couple the more sunshine with another breezy day with strong southerly winds, and our temperatures will soar with high temperatures expected to climb into the 80s.

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