Fire Prevention Week puts out some burning concerns

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – A fire breaks out in your house. Are you prepared? Well if not there is no better time than now — this week is Fire Prevention Week.

If a fire breaks out in your home, you and your family have minutes to react.

“Homes burn so much faster than they used to,” Kevin Doel, a spokesperson from the Kansas Fire Marshal’s Office said.

But having an escape plan like this in case a disaster happens could help.

“If you want to protect your family and you want to do everything to protect your family, you are going to have a plan for escape and practice it,” Doel said.

“If there is smoke you would crouch down on your hands and knees,” Wendy Leenert’s son said.

Wendy Leenerts and her family practice fire drills monthly after a tragedy that hit way to close to home.

“My grandparents had a fire and it burned to the ground and so because of that they lost everything and they barely got out,” Wendy Leenerts, a mother of 8 children said.

“I think every kid needs to know what to do and be prepared so if the parent can’t get to them, they know in advance,” Leenerts.

Testing smoke alarms and making sure they have batteries is just as critical.

“You get out of the home as quickly as possible within 2 minutes,” Doel said. “Don’t just grab anything just go.”

And going over this escape plan is important to Leenert’s family.

“I want them to know it like they know their basic math facts,” Leenerts said.

Leenerts and her family says they have been doing fire escape drills for at least 4 years.

“Whatever we have to do to keep our children safe,” Leenerts said. “I know all parents want to keep their children safe and that’s what needs to be… That’s why you need to have a safety plan.”

The Kansas Fire Marshal Office says there 2,700 house fires reported in the state last year. Twenty-seven people died in home fires.

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